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Friday, July 1, 2022

Jehovah’s Witnesses Initiate Global Campaign

Throughout November 2020, Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide will distribute the issue of the Watchtower magazine entitled “What Is God’s Kingdom?” The answer to that question has captivated the attention of people from many different faiths for centuries. Jehovah’s Witnesses will distribute the magazine to the general public, business owners, local and national government officials, as well as court officials.
Sheriff Chad Bianco shows up at 360 X Self Defense

Sheriff Chad Bianco shows up at 360 X Self-Defense

"I am a strong supporter of both parts of the Second Amendment: the Right To Keep and The Right To Bear...

“Oh, I miss the good old days!”

You must have heard this from more than one person, who loves to reminisce about his or her younger days when things used...

The biggest lie about COVID

Excluding the origin story of COVID, I believe the biggest lie in the handling of COVID is the lie around asymptomatic spread — i.e., you could have the virus and not know it and kill people. This has been the great distraction of COVID, and it is being used even today to distract from major issues.

Andrew Kotyuk

At age 43, Andrew Kotyuk, the current Mayor Pro-tem of San Jacinto, is a relatively young man who has given service...
Soboba Sports Complex shines

Soboba Sports Complex shines

After a six-month renovation, the grounds of the Soboba Sports Complex were reopened to tribal members for an Independence Day Celebration...

Valley stunned by death of two beloved leaders

A loss of any kind at any time, is hard to take. A loss of the life of a beloved community leader is even harder to take. Losing two such leaders…both healthy just days before their deaths, and losing them in the closing days of the holiday season

Show us your Mask Selfies

Like many people across the world, residents in Hemet have stepped up and begun making homemade face masks; both in response

Eklutna Historical Park, Alaska

On a wonderful 27-day escorted motor-coach tour of Alaska and the Yukon, that we took with Gadabout Tours, one of our...

Review of the book “The murder of Marilyn Monroe: Her lips...

What is “Probable Suicide”? How can someone die by “Probable Suicide”? You’ll find out why this bogus finding was used in the death of Marilyn Monroe.