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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Is The Customer Always Right?

The customer is always right. That was the adage they used to hammer into our brains when I started my first business. That was what they taught us in all the business classes and that's what the marketing geniuses always preached. I've spent most of my business life regurgitating that very same maxim.

Reviewing California’s NFL Teams

Another promising season in the NFL is about to begin and football fans around the country are wondering what their favorite...

Mass Shootings

Is the United States of America the only country where mass indiscriminate shootings of human beings take place without apparent rhyme or reason? Are we to be branded worldwide as a gun toting people willing to shoot our fellow citizens just because we can? Did the framers of the constitution imagen when they decreed that we have a right to bear arms that such mayhem would be wrought upon the citizenry.

Coronavirus Files: New school guidelines are coming, and Feds take on...

As the country prepares for yet another round of COVID-19 boosters this fall, Black and Hispanic populations may be left behind. A new study in Health Affairs finds that while Black and white people had lower rates of uptake for the first dose of a COVID vaccine, Black and Hispanic people were least likely to get a booster shot.

CHAPTER XII – Life as a Contestant

(CHAPTER XII) I loved contests as a kid.  It didn’t matter what kind of contest.  I simply had to compete if...

Amazon rainforest and global warming

Whenever I read or hear statements like “estimates show nearly 20% of oxygen produced by the Earth’s land comes from the Amazon rain forests, often being called the 'planet's lungs', and that Brazil has had more than 75,000 fires so far this year, with more than half in the Amazon Region, Robin Chazdon, Professor Emeritus, University of Connecticut has stated that “what’s happening in the Amazon has actually been happening for several years, but it’s reaching a critical point.”

Good Old Days

The other day I became intensely engrossed in a conversation with two friends who were about my age. All three of us closer to 100 than to 50 years old. The conversation became contentious over the issue

California’s massive new experiment will change how vulnerable patients get care....

California is embarking on a potentially transformative shift in the way it delivers health care, using its Medicaid program to help meet the social needs of many of its most vulnerable residents.

Coronavirus Files: States drop masks; FDA pulls plug on early vax...

People of color have had a harder time during the pandemic across the United States, but the state of Texas was particularly slow to offer data on the racial breakdown of cases, deaths and vaccinations. 

Coronavirus Files: Boosters coming in September, while inoculation of youngest kids...

The Treasury Department released new guidelines that will make it easier for state and local governments to apply COVID relief funds to affordable housing projects, reports Joey Garrison at USA Today.