Sex education classes often don’t include LGBTQ+ students. New restrictions could make it worse

In fifth grade, Stella Gage’s class watched a video about puberty. In ninth grade, a few sessions of her health class were dedicated to the risks of sexual behaviors.

MSJC board chair to step down due to relocation

Mt. San Jacinto College Board Chair Joshua Rivera announced his resignation during the regular September 14 Board of Trustees meeting as he is moving outside of his service area with his new wife.

The math problem: Kids are still behind. How can schools catch them up?

On a breezy July morning in South Seattle, a dozen elementary-aged students ran math relays behind an elementary school. One by one, they raced to a table, where they scribbled answers to multiplication questions before sprinting back to high-five their teammate.

California’s 63-year-old higher education plan could use a reality check

During the 1950s and 1960s, California's population boomed, prompting political leaders to respond with ambitious plans for public services.

Schools lost track of homeless kids during the pandemic. Many face a steep path to recovery

By the time Aaliyah Ibarra started second grade, her family had moved five times in four years in search of stable housing. As she was about to start a new school, her mother, Bridget Ibarra, saw how much it was affecting her education.