Riverside County lawmakers weigh in on Biden impeachment inquiry

An impeachment inquiry initiated this week to probe alleged graft and fraud tied to President Joe Biden will root out a "culture of corruption" that has existed for some time, one Inland Empire congressman asserted, while others viewed the investigation as a "baseless attempt" to undermine the chief executive by kowtowing to "extremists."

Riverside County elections chief placed on administrative leave

Riverside County’s elections chief has been placed on paid administrative leave with less than six months to go until California’s 2024 primary. News of Registrar of Voters Rebecca Spencer’s leave surfaced after the Board of Supervisors met behind closed doors Tuesday, Sept. 12, to discuss her job performance.

What we know about the Marine Corps F-35 crash, backyard ejection and what went wrong

The crash of an F-35B Joint Strike Fighter aircraft in South Carolina over the weekend has raised numerous questions about what prompted the pilot to eject and how the $100 million warplane was able to keep flying pilotless for 60 miles (100 kilometers) before crashing.

California truck drivers ask Newsom to sign bill saving jobs as self-driving big rigs are tested

California lawmakers, union leaders and truck drivers are trying to steer Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom toward signing into law a proposal that could save jobs as self-driving trucks are tested for their safety on the roads.

Abortion-rights group rebrands to Reproductive Freedom for All in post-Roe world

NARAL Pro-Choice America, an influential abortion-rights group, announced Wednesday that it is changing its name to Reproductive Freedom for All.