Home News Crime & Incidents Student at UC Riverside suspended for possession of assault rifle

Student at UC Riverside suspended for possession of assault rifle


The University of California Riverside announced Sunday that one of its students was suspended after police found an assault rifle, ammunition, and five high-capacity magazines in a dorm room.

UCR police officers executed a search warrant Friday after finding “evidence of a weapon” on campus. The school did not reveal the identity of the resident under investigation, but claimed the student has left and won’t be returning until an administrative hearing.

“A search of a room in the North District residential apartments revealed an assault rifle registered to a student, ammunition, five high-capacity magazines, and hand-drawn images in a journal depicting a violent act,” the school said in a statement.

It is against the school’s policy to possess, use, or manufacture a firearm. This student was not arrested according to UCR police records, but the case was given to the Riverside County District Attorney who could possibly file charges.

According to the school, this was not the result of “any recent campus events” which is likely a reference to the ongoing pro-Palestinian protests. The subsequent encampment was shut down Friday as a result of a deal that included the discontinuation of study abroad programs in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. Additionally, a student task force will soon oversee the management of investments “in a manner that will be financially and ethically sound for the university with consideration to the companies involved in arms manufacturing and delivery.”



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