Column: Trump loves fossil fuels; California wants clean energy. Cue collision

Donald Trump says he isn’t worried about climate change. Before he was a presidential candidate, he said global warming was “a hoax” invented by China to kneecap the American economy.

California’s fast food minimum wage boost: Who gets raises and who doesn’t?

Starting Monday, April 1, fast food restaurants in California will be required to pay their workers at least $20 an hour when Assembly Bill 1228 finally takes effect.

Why California Democrats are divided on retail theft bill

Legislators may be off for spring recess, but debates about their bills are still happening outside committee rooms.

California delays financial aid deadline over bungled FAFSA rollout

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed legislation extending the deadline for students to apply for state scholarships as problems continue to beset the Biden administration’s rollout of a simplified federal aid form.

California sends a message on homelessness — and Newsom

Proposition 1 was a major victory for Gov. Gavin Newsom. It was also a lesson and a warning.