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‘We need to protect these children’: 25 Investigates shares warning signs of childhood sexual abuse

“I was a junior in high school, and he invited me over to his house, and he wanted me to see the Christmas lights on his tree,” Andrea Vaughan said.

Why the Support for Hamas?

Americans were horrified at the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli villagers on October 7 this year. The brutality and futility of the attack rocked the imagination. Yet within days, we witnessed huge protest marches in U.S. and world capitals and universities in favor of Hamas.

I’m the child of a Holocaust survivor. I know the trauma inflicted on Gaza will last for generations

Nearly 82 years ago, my father was born in Nazi-occupied Belgium. When he was only 3 weeks old, his own father, Max, was captured and murdered by Nazis; my dad survived because he was hidden by a series of Christian foster homes.

Editorial: Cease-fire now. The killing in Gaza must stop

It has become impossible to distinguish between Israel’s decidedly non-surgical operation against Hamas militants in Gaza and the indiscriminate killing of Palestinian civilians.

America in October of 2024

The 2024 presidential election is a year away. The political landscape of America in October of 2024 will be far different than it is today. The current polling, which focuses on which candidate for president is winning and the attendant punditry, is meaningless.