Letters & Opinions

These fed-up parents fought California’s pandemic schooling and won. Now what?

At the height of the pandemic, in spring 2020, Maria O. her husband and four children were quarantined in their one-bedroom apartment in South Los Angeles, each vying for privacy, quiet and adequate technology to work and attend school remotely.

Letters to the Editor

I have learned that at least one courtroom at the Larson Justice Center in Indio is vacant since a qualified judge is not available for duty. Due to a lack of judges here in the Coachella Valley, commuting judges from the areas of both Temecula and San Bernardino are assigned cases here. The net result in the lack of local judges is resulting in excessive waits at the Indio courthouse and delays in justice for our citizenry.

The Obama Doctrine vs. the West

The global and domestic landscape is one of turmoil and indecision. Everywhere one looks there is chaos and potential disaster, whether in the financial, economic, political, or military sphere.

Federal Entitlements and the End of the American Idea

In his excellent podcast series, “Cold War: Prelude to the Present,” Bill Whittle opens the series by describing the Berlin Wall as “not only a wall between East and West Berlin.” He continues: "It was the division of humanity into two different camps… On one side of the wall, the Eastern side, were the collectivists, who believed that society takes precedent over the person.

Where do I start my story?

I am often asked, "Where is the best place to start my manuscript?" Good question. There are as many answers to this one as there are questions. What, for instance, is the nature of your story? Are you working on a biography, or is your story fiction? Is it romantic, or about someone with a major disadvantage who is struggling to reach goals in life?