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Airtechs HVAC stresses the importance of Summer HVAC repairs in Hemet, CA

As temperatures soar and residents across Hemet and the neighboring cities rely more heavily on their air conditioning units, Airtechs HVAC emphasizes the importance of keeping AC systems in peak working condition. This summer, the well-known HVAC company is shining a spotlight on their comprehensive repair services for homes and businesses throughout the region.

Hilary flooded your home. Will insurance cover the damage?

Whether you hunkered down or evacuated during the first tropical storm in Southern California in 84 years, you’re probably starting now to assess the damage Hilary left behind over the weekend.

The US housing market hits a record value of $47 trillion as the inventory shortage fuels a price boom

Tight inventory in the US housing market helped push its total valuation a new all-time record of $46.8 trillion in June, according to Redfin.

California could borrow a record-breaking $35 billion to tackle the housing crisis

California voters regularly name out-of-reach housing costs and homelessness as among the most important issues facing the state. Now lawmakers are calling their bluff. Next year the electorate will likely get the chance to put unprecedented gobs of money where its mouth is.

Why so many Americans feel trapped in their homes by their low-rate mortgages

Bob Wood, 66, has been thinking of selling his home in Mobile, Alabama. The finance professor and his wife, Terri, purchased the 5,000-square-foot house with a pool nearly a decade ago. “It’s probably time to downsize,” he said. They would also like to be closer to their grandchildren in Tennessee.