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Helping homeowners: California expands mortgage relief

Angela Morrow was only eight months into a new career as a flight attendant when she was laid off from her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, putting her at risk of losing her three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in San Bernardino County.

Storms showed failure of California programs to assist the homeless

The spate of heavy rainstorms that swept across California during January’s early weeks exposed a lot of problems: weak bridges, inadequate reservoir capacity, poor drainage on many city streets and helplessness in the face of inevitable mudslides, to name just a few.

California housing shortage triggers cycle of despair

Everyone in California knows, or should know, that the state has an immense shortage of housing that persists despite efforts by its politicians to jump-start construction.

Five Tips to Prepare Your Portable Generator for Winter Weather

When temperatures drop and snow starts falling, portable generators of every size need a quick check-in to make sure that they’re ready to go before a possible power outage during inclement weather.

Inland Empire Economic Recovery Outpacing Coastal Regions: UCR Report

Inland Empire business activity rebounded in the most recent quarter, with increasing slack in the residential real estate market offset by growth in commercial development, UC Riverside economists said Thursday.