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Millennials gave birth to ‘Generation Alpha.’ Are these kids already doomed?

Zoomers fear them. Boomers want more of them. Millennials will keep making them for the rest of the year.

Russia adds ‘LGBT movement’ to list of extremist and terrorist organizations

Russia has added what it calls the "LGBT movement" to a list of extremist and terrorist organizations, state media said on Friday.

A State Department official warns Israel of ‘major’ reputational damage in Gaza war

The Biden administration is concerned Israel is making a "major strategic error" by denying "major, possibly generational damage" to Israel's reputation worldwide over its war in Gaza

Kate, Princess of Wales: I am having cancer treatment

The Princess of Wales says she is in the early stages of treatment after a cancer diagnosis.

Brain Tapeworms From Undercooked Bacon Caused Man’s Migraines: Study

The medical files of a 52-year-old Florida man hospitalized with worsening migraine headaches carry a cautionary tale for anyone who prefers their bacon more tender and not so crispy that it shatters at first bite.