Sweeten the Kitty: Tips for Easier Traveling with Pets

You look forward to your vacation, but leaving your furry friends behind is more than you can handle. Luckily, it's easier than ever to bring your pets along for the ride.

How to Save Money on Pet Care

Owning a pet has a lot of perks, but caring for one can take its toll on your wallet. According to the ASPCA, owning a dog or cat

Pet of the Week – November 07, 2019

Beautiful and super sweet dog here. Rocky just wants to love and to be loved. He is 1 year old & weighs 90 pounds. Whoever gets him will thank their lucky stars

Pet of the Week – October 24, 2019

Gorgeous, sweet, well-mannered lady. Scarlett is a little surprised to find herself in a shelter, but she's being brave & hoping for the best, no fussing, and no barking, just sitting pretty.

How to Turn a Bad-to-the-Bone Dog Into an Obedient Pooch

Is your dog bad to the bone? Does your sweet Jack Russel guard all doors from intruders -- friends and family included? Or is it your Boxer puppy that won't stop shredding socks

Animal Rescues

On October 8th, The Board of Supervisors approved a mutual aid agreement between the Riverside County Department of Animal Services and the Norco Animal Rescue Team, under which the latter will assist in large and small pet rescues requiring specialized equipment and expertise.

Pet of the Week – October 17, 2019

Very handsome boy brought here by previous owner because they can’t take care of him anymore. He is 9 years old – no weight yet on his card. They told us he loves car rides and that he has been known to jump a fence

Pet of the Week – October 3, 2019

What a cute guy. Rascal came to us as a stray so we estimate his age to be 7 years old & weight at 57.6 pounds. Rascal is a long term resident, loaded with personality & character. He doesn’t seem to be shy at all – just a great dog.

5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

As I mentioned in my recent article on paw some pet Halloween costumes, more pet parents plan to involve their fur babies in Halloween celebrations in 2018 than last year.

Feature-Rich Dog Parks Are Coming to Towns Across America

Lassie used to run free throughout the town, solving problems and rescuing kids in trouble.Today, it is rare and often illegal to let a dog roam off-leash. Even large parks usually have leash laws. At the same time, dog ownership is growing.