Assault Rifle, Ammo Found In UCR Student’s Dorm Room


RIVERSIDE, CA — A student at UC Riverside has been suspended after authorities found an assault rifle and ammunition in his dorm room, according to media reports Monday.

Police found an assault rifle, ammunition, and five high-capacity magazines in the student’s dorm room on Friday. UC Riverside announced the student, who was not identified, was placed on interim suspension, the Riverside Press-Enterprise is reporting.

Police also found drawings in a journal depicting violent acts in the student’s dorm room, according to UC Riverside. The content of the drawings was not provided.

UC Riverside police officers executed a search warrant in the student’s dorm room after “finding evidence of a weapon” on campus. UC Riverside officials said the student is not in school and won’t be returning until an administrative hearing.

“A search of a room in the North District residential apartments revealed an assault rifle registered to a student, ammunition, five high- capacity magazines, and hand-drawn images in a journal depicting a violent act,” the school said in a statement.

The school’s policy prohibits students to possess, use, or manufacture a firearm.

The student was not arrested according to UC Riverside police records, and the case was sent to the Riverside County District Attorney who will decide whether to press charges.

UC Riverside officials also said the incident was not a result of “any recent campus events.” Pro-Palestinian demonstrators had set up encampments on campus and were demonstrating.


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