Exclusive: How pollution from dry cleaners left California sitting on cancer-linked ‘time bombs’

The deep, crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe are the iconic centerpiece of one of California’s most famed recreation areas. A local water provider is among the biggest cheerleaders of the lake’s legendary clarity, boasting this on its website: 

Even with carbon emissions cuts, a key part of Antarctica is doomed to slow collapse, study says

No matter how much the world cuts back on carbon emissions, a key and sizable chunk of Antarctica is essentially doomed to an “unavoidable” melt, a new study found. Though the full melt will take hundreds of years, slowly adding nearly 6 feet (1.8 meters) to sea levels, it will be enough to reshape where and how people live in the future, the study’s lead author said.

Tens of thousands march to kick off climate summit, demanding end to warming-causing fossil fuels

Yelling that the future and their lives depend on ending fossil fuels, tens of thousands of protesters on Sunday kicked off a week where leaders will try once again to curb climate change primarily caused by coal, oil and natural gas.

Pig cooling pads and weather forecasts for cows are high-tech ways to make meat in a warming world

More than a third of the heat-trapping gases cooking the planet come from growing and raising farm animals, but millions of cattle, pigs and other animals get to stay cool in the United States and other parts of the developed world.

As Earth warms, more ‘flash droughts’ suck soil, plants dry

Climate change is making droughts faster and more furious, especially a specific fast-developing heat-driven kind that catch farmers by surprise, a new study found.