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This California millionaire is peddling eternal life. Why do so many people believe him?

Bathed in early-morning sunlight, the 46-year-old L.A.-based tech centimillionaire and longevity celebrity didn’t look much younger than his age, although he claims to have the wrinkles of a 10-year-old and organs that are several years younger than his lifespan. We were standing at the Temescal Canyon trailhead in Pacific Palisades on Jan. 13, ahead of a Johnson-sponsored “Don’t Die” hike, one of many organized across the world that day and the only one hosted by him. Of the 500-plus people who had RSVP’d for the L.A. event, about 200 showed up.

California has a $38-billion deficit. So why are we still paying for prisons we don’t need?

Facing a state budget deficit of at least $38 billion, Gov. Gavin Newsom should be rethinking his expensive commitment to the state’s traditional system of mass incarceration. While insisting he will create a kinder, gentler brand of California prison, the governor has authorized $1 billion in raises for corrections officers and hundreds of millions more for prison buildings despite a steady decline of the incarcerated population and skyrocketing costs.

Governmental Research

I received a rather unusual request this week from Barbara in Palm Springs. “I am writing about a government agency. How do I research that? I’ve been running into blank walls.”

The Inland Empire was once the loser in economic recovery, not anymore

The latest employment report released by the California Employment Development Department contains labor market information on the 58 counties and 26 Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

The 118th Congress turns out to be do-nothings, passing three laws in the Inland Empire during 2023

Inter-party conflict has been an obstacle that circumvents the duties of the legislative branch, primarily their duty to collaborate. These conflicts have encroached on efforts to pass legislation by Inland Empire (IE) representatives, who only managed to sponsor three laws in the past year.