The Obama Doctrine vs. the West


Steve McCann | American Thinker

The global and domestic landscape is one of turmoil and indecision. Everywhere one looks there is chaos and potential disaster, whether in the financial, economic, political, or military sphere. Since the beginning of the post-World War II era there has been one constant that has been the stabilizing force in the world: the stature, power, and influence of the United States. The twelve years of Barack Obama and his ventriloquist dummy, Joe Biden, have overwhelmingly eroded America and dramatically accelerated the demise of western civilization.

Barack Obama assumed the office of the presidency as a man brought up and steeped in 1960s radicalism as well as his Kenyan father’s rabid anti-colonialism, a combination which advanced the doctrine that America, as the current Western super-power, represents the evil nature of colonialism, western civilization, and capitalism’s exploitation of the masses.

The intellectual, material, and military success of America and the West could only have come about from expropriating the wealth and labor of the peoples of the world, therefore what is defined as western civilization must be destroyed and replaced. But that can only come about if the United States is dismantled.

The mindset of Barack Obama and his ideological fellow-travelers is such that under no circumstances can they defend the West; instead, they must not only transform the United States, but destroy any vestiges of its accomplishments. By doing so they, in their addled thinking, exact revenge for the alleged transgressions of the fictitious “White Race” and their dominate global culture.

Barack Obama and these indoctrinated malcontents have spent their entire lives, from birth to the present wallowing in this mindset. Due to his preeminence in the movement, this philosophy, and tactics to overthrow American culture and society as the final step in destroying western culture can be rightfully captioned as the Obama Doctrine.

The ongoing chaos in the United States is a direct result of their tactical methodology. Which is to:

• Tribalize the American populace through an incessant drumbeat of the iniquities of the so-called white race and their attendant “white supremacy and privilege,”

• Infiltrate the universities in order to indoctrinate the younger generations about America’s supposed role in the evils of exploitation and “colonialism,”

• Collapse the economy through the exploitation of unsubstantiated “climate change” and an equally fatuous “green agenda,”

• Undermine the Judeo-Christian foundation of the nation by promoting unfettered sexual and lifestyle “freedoms,”

• Manipulate the voting process in order to achieve permanent government power,

• Flood the nation with untold millions of illegal immigrants who will refuse to assimilate and will create massive dislocations in the society and the economy.

The suffering of the average American citizen facing economic ruin and the very real threat of Islamic terrorism within this, or any western nation’s borders, are mere means to an end. To Obama and his confederates, the radical jihadist movement is the tip of the spear to bring down the United States and the West.

Thus Obama, and his allied neo-Marxists that control the Biden Administration, can justify bankrupting the country as well as promoting unfettered illegal immigration of those who will not assimilate and are from non-European nations around the globe, including those who harbor Islamic terrorists.

Primarily because it is an outpost of western civilization in the Middle East and despite the brutality of Hamas on October 7, 2023, Obama and these racially radicalized collectivists have no compunction in forcing Israel to compromise with the Palestinians for a so-called two-state solution knowing those concessions will eventually spell the end of the Jewish state.

To this cabal there is no overriding American interest in international affairs except to take a back seat and surrender its influence to other non-western powers, in particular Communist China.

The acolytes of the Obama Doctrine are well aware that over the past three decades the United States has been increasingly alone in carrying the banner for western civilization. Far too many western nations are incompetent and easily intimidated democracies. The leadership in Europe has been essentially nonexistent, as those nations are on what is now a path of inevitable societal suicide. A path upon which the United States has also embarked.

The population of the European continent is rapidly aging as the result of a catastrophically negative birth rate — the end product of nearly 160 million abortions since 1980 as nearly 45% of Europeans believe there are no moral absolutes.

As a solution to this dilemma, the countries of Western Europe have, over the years, flung open their borders to waves of legal and illegal immigrants from primarily Muslim nations in Africa and the Middle East. The bulk of them adamantly refuse to assimilate and are currently and deliberately fomenting societal upheaval with an eye to eventually dominating a majority of European nations.

The Obama cabal are also counting on the fact that among the most insidious traits of the America’s and the West’s so-called “best and brightest” is that they are incredibly self-absorbed and, thus incapable of admitting their mistakes and taking corrective actions. Instead of dealing with the harsh realities of what is happening in their respective societies today, far too many seek shelter in unknowingly abetting the downfall of their nations and the West by collapsing their societies and economies in the quixotic pursuit of vague and unproven climate-change theories.

There are only a handful of leaders in the United States and other Western countries willing to repudiate the tenets of these racially-inspired neo-Marxists as well as telling their citizenries the unadulterated truth about the accelerating demise of the West. The rest are incapable of handling the truth themselves, much less knowing what to do about the situations and dilemmas at hand. They react instead with futile collectivist theories promulgated by self-proclaimed and egocentric intellectuals who themselves have no worldly experience except self-induced guilt and, for some, a desire to be part of the in-crowd in the thrall of the Obama Doctrine.

This mindset, combined with a lack of forceful and determined leadership by the United States, will eventuate in another global financial catastrophe, a hegemonic Communist China, an inevitable full-blown military conflict in the Middle East, and the unchecked spread of radical Islam. The ultimate goal of the fall of western civilization will then be realized, but at a massive and bloody cost.

Until the narcissism and ideology of today’s American ruling class is replaced by those willing to repudiate and expose the Obama Doctrine and act accordingly, the world will continue to evolve into an exceedingly dangerous place as once the United States is lost there will be no turning back.

Due to the base nature of the human race, with its failings and foibles, all societies have shortcomings, but the key measure of any civilization is what it does to control these tendencies and strive for a culture of equality. No nation or civilization in history has done more to assimilate virtually all races and ethnicities and advance the well-being of mankind than the United States and western civilization.

In 2024 the American people have the unique opportunity to overwhelmingly reject the ideology and machinations of Barack Obama, the addled treachery of Joe Biden, and the complicity of a neo-Marxist Democrat Party and essentially save western civilization.

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