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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Dr. Ruiz statement on the passing of Rep. Lewis

“My heart is broken over the death of my friend John Lewis, a great civil rights warrior who endured ridicule and harsh physical beatings in his faith filled nonviolent fight alongside MLK Jr. against white supremacy, white nationalism, racism and for equality and human dignity.


Vladimir Putin’s puppet Donald Trump is a political dead man walking. November 3rd is the scheduled date of Trump the traitor’s political execution which will be watched live on TV by hundreds of millions of happy people both here at home and around the world. The end of Trump’s tyranny will be the beginning of hope and change for us all.

Letter to the Editor

Online learning isn’t for everyone. But for many students, it’s a solution that works. Growing up, the teachers I had in my brick-and-mortar school promoted me to a new grade in the middle of the school year. While I was challenged academically, I wasn’t prepared for the difficulties of being with a new class and the bullying I experienced.

Going Forward

What do you expect your tomorrow to be? Youth looks ahead to being grown up. Young people dream of being movie stars or professional athletics or Olympic champions. Most Americans are at heart optimistic people. We hope for and we work towards providing a better life for our children.


On my first of three hikes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, one particular experience stands out. My friend and I were resting by the Colorado River when a helicopter flew by low and close. It passed out of sight just around the corner, obviously to land.


The Washington Redskins National Football League franchise is a disgrace! In the year 2020, Washington team owner Daniel Snyder cannot possibly continue to rationalize keeping his ridiculously racist team name in the face of widespread, righteous public condemnation of Snyder’s racist recalcitrance.


I did not settle in Hollywood with acting ambitions. I was a male secretary with the Southern Pacific Railroad in Houston, Texas when I was asked to come with the guys to see one of our fellow employee's estranged wife starring in a big rock and roll movie.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper

After the “greatest generation” endured and then ended the depression with their hard work and dedication to their communities, they then fought for their country with great personal sacrifice. After defeating Germany and Japan, they eagerly rebuilt these countries.

Letters from our readers

Defunding the police won’t completely get rid of all of the funding police get. As of right now, the police get more money than they actually need. Defunding the police would take some of that money and put it back into the communities in ways that would help lessen the load

Epstein was a demon

(Epstein was a demon) Any parent with adolescent daughters ages 14 and 15 years old,...