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Kotyuk’s Corner – Heat Wave

Just last month we were enjoying the June gloom. Boy, what a difference a month makes. The scorching heat is with some added humidity. Around...

A Balancing Act for Any Circus

As I am enjoying the summer temperatures that came late this year and hopefully you are too, the bit of slower life this time...

Have your cake and eat it too

So many times, I heard this in my house and scratched my head. It didn’t make sense to me at the time. On my...

Level Up Your Portfolio

Pac-Man and Zelda for us, X-Gen’s, or for the Millennial’s, Fortnite, are games of strategy that swaths of the population can relate too. The...

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

One day its fine the next it’s black; So if you want me off your back; Well, come on and let me know, should...


Most of Russia’s opposition is either dead, in exile abroad or in prison at home. What happens now?

Alexei Navalny was asked four years ago what he’d tell Russians if he were killed for challenging President Vladimir Putin. “You’re not allowed to give up,” he told a documentary maker. “If they decide to kill me, it means we are incredibly strong and we need to use this power.”

How California political power could shift south – and to the left – after Feinstein

Younger, more liberal, more weighted to the south: California’s political demography is shifting, particularly as two of its political lions move off the stage. For generations, the Bay Area has punched above its weight in terms of influence, and California’s political position has grown up – and old – with it.

President Biden expected back in California for more reelection fundraising this month

President Biden is planning a swing through Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area later this month to raise money for what is almost assured to be a rematch against former President Trump in the November election.

Letters to the Editor

I have learned that at least one courtroom at the Larson Justice Center in Indio is vacant since a qualified judge is not available for duty. Due to a lack of judges here in the Coachella Valley, commuting judges from the areas of both Temecula and San Bernardino are assigned cases here. The net result in the lack of local judges is resulting in excessive waits at the Indio courthouse and delays in justice for our citizenry.