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More Shootings – This Time in San Jacinto

In San Jacinto, On October 5, there was a deadly shooting in a Motel, then on October 8 a father and son shooting during a family disturbance and on October 9 a clerk in a smoke shop was gunned down, and only two more weeks before the month is out. How many more gun related tragedies must we endure in October?

Living with Violence

Even back when I was growing up a long time ago, bullying in the schools was customary. The bigger kids knocked around little kids physically and psychologically as they do now and parents when told about it, had to navigate through the pain that their children were experiencing in hopes of really understanding their feelings and circumstances to do something about the problem, as they do now.

Culture and entertainment in Hemet and San Jacinto

After reading with great interest the Things to do Calendar published and updated weekly in the Hemet / San Jacinto Chronicle, I have come to the conclusion that the San Jacinto Valley is indeed fortunate to have so many people interested in fostering a wide variety of cultural activities and events in our communities.

Money talks

In a recent TV series about a very successful law firm, located somewhere in the United States, two of the principals were discussing the possibility of starting a pro bono office to represent the poor in their community.

Mass Shootings – Part 2

There is no definitive resolution by the courts of exactly how the Second Amendment should be interpreted. Historically, U.S. courts have held various interpretations of the Second Amendment, ranging from the perspective that this right lies only within government officials, to the viewpoint that this right also lies within individual citizens.


Southern California congressman calls for Biden to drop out

A Congressional Representative serving parts of Orange and San Diego counties has joined the growing chorus of House Democrats calling for President Joe Biden to step aside ahead of the November election.

Brush fire prompts evacuation warning in Riverside County

A fast-moving brush fire prompted an evacuation warning for residents on the north side of Banning in Riverside County on Friday.

Danny List Wins the 2024 California State Open

Danny List of San Diego is the 124th California State Open Champion after posting a score of 21-under-par across four days of competition at Soboba Springs Golf Course.

The Inland Empire is a puzzle when it comes to recent economic growth

We are sounding an alarm bell regarding the employment situation in the Inland Empire and Southern California.