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Pet of the Week – August 27, 2020

Ghost is quickly figuring out that he likes people. When Ghost first arrived at Living Free, he was a very shy dog that would hide whenever a person walked into the kennel. However, with a little TLC and patience, Ghost has gained a lot more confidence

Pet of the Week – April 30, 2020

Gideon is a smart, curious dog. He loves going on walks, exploring the dog park, and visiting with staff around the property. He knows how to sit and shake

Pet of the Week – January 23, 2019

Blueberry is the sweetest and cutest thing ever, being very well behaved while here. No barking, no fussing. Just being quiet & patient

Pet of the Week – October 24, 2019

Gorgeous, sweet, well-mannered lady. Scarlett is a little surprised to find herself in a shelter, but she's being brave & hoping for the best, no fussing, and no barking, just sitting pretty.