Another massive construction project is coming


Several projects have started on the 60 freeway in both directions cause a mass amount of traffic on an already reasonably crowded highway. Projects started at the beginning of July and are estimated to last until November. It is possible that the construction projects will lead into the next year and probably be finished sometime around January or February depending on how much rain we get this fall. Many people are already referring to this project as the “60-Swarm.”

Since Gilman Springs is still under construction, and Hwy-74 will be under construction for the next couple of months, getting in and out of town could be difficult for drivers.
Some people do not like sitting on the 91-parking lot, but coming through Ramona Expressway/Cajalco road may be the easiest way out of town.

The biggest project will be an 18-mile re-paving of tarnished and crumbling material. Crews will only get so many hours to work on these panel replacements. One shift will consist of Closing off a lane, Demolition of existing concrete, Rebare, Dowl, and Basket Installments, and then pouring the concrete back. Depending on the size of the panels, the crews will only be able to do so many feet per night before having to get off the freeway and opening it up for rush hour traffic.

The concrete needs to get dry and cure, so the company will use a hot mix that is ready to be driven on within a couple of hours after being poured. That means it will be a fast-paced process that leaves very little room for error. Cal-Trans is very strict on what times they allow companies to take lanes and what times they have to give lanes back. Penalties and fines can start to stack on top of each other quickly if companies aren’t careful with the amount of work done in one night. Sometimes, it is better to be conservative in the square footage estimate per night than have to pay because you can’t give the lane back on time.

The standard shutdown times are 10:00pm-4: 00 am. These times will vary depending on the day of the week or holidays. The time window isn’t huge, but they can have it done with the right crew companies. Granite, Ames, and Atkinson have crews who specialize in panel replacement/re-paving and have lead the way doing this type of work in our surrounding area.

Crews will be seven days a week doing Panel replacements and shoulder work during the weekdays and complete shutdowns and re-paving on the weekends. It’s going to crowded and busy on the 60 for the next few months so keep that in mind as you try to head out of town.


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