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Death By Cactus       

 There used to be a show on TV that aired from 2008 to 2012 called “1000 Ways to Die.” I watched it a few times and was intrigued as unusual deaths were recreated each week.

Born to Die

  I love words. Words can encourage or discourage, spread good new or gossip, order a hot pizza or start a fight. And when you think about it, we communicate with words in very unique ways.

The Door

Has anything like this ever happened to you? You’re out shopping and find this amazing new outfit - on sale no less.

Clergy Corner: Better Than $150,000.00?

 The Boston Marathon! What an amazing race! Back when I was in high school and spending a fair amount of time running track, my dad told me if I would prepare for the Boston Marathon and meet the qualifying time, he would sponsor me.

Letter to the Editor

can’t remember when I’ve read a more one-sided and biased rant than the one by Muhammad Naeem (Another Pandemic) as I read this past week in the Chronicle. Name-calling, misinformation, racist comments, and blatant lies rip this great nation apart on every front, and his submission was replete with them.


Unemployment Drops Across Inland Empire Amid Payroll Gains

Riverside County's unemployment rate dropped back below 5% last month amid payroll gains across most sectors of the regional economy, according to figures released Friday by the California Employment Development Department.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots, Kills Man In Perris

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — A man was shot and killed in Perris Monday by a Riverside County sheriff's deputy.

Retail crime ring loses 160 pallets of stolen goods, worth $1.4 million, in Riverside warehouse raid

A months-long investigation into an organized retail crime ring ended last week with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department recovering 160 pallets of stolen merchandise — valued at about $1.4 million — from a warehouse, officials said Monday.

Pink Wave Crashes Across Mexico

On May 19th, 2024, freedom-loving Mexicans from all walks...