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Susan Beckett | Contributed

I can’t remember when I’ve read a more one-sided and biased rant than the one by Muhammad Naeem (Another Pandemic) as I read this past week in the Chronicle. Name-calling, misinformation, racist comments, and blatant lies rip this great nation apart on every front, and his submission was replete with them.

Fortunately for the states in America, united together under a Constitution, we are governed by a binding set of laws. Fortunately too, we don’t have a king overseeing our constitution – it stands alone. Unfortunately, it takes only one person seizing advantage of a do-nothing congress to run over our Constitution and pretend kingship – as President Biden is now doing!

Throwing President Trump under the bus and the 73.6 million Americans who voted for him only shows ignorance of our remarkable Constitutional Republic. Thankfully our system was engineered to work with a check and balance system, but when that stalls, we end up with 22 months of failed leadership and a sharp decline for the United States and its people.

As a Washington Times opinion reporter stated, “The Democrats have turned politics into raw sewage that stinks to high heaven. Watching President Biden’s continuous blunders and missteps should tell everyone to be very weary of our downfall as a society.”

I couldn’t agree more! Our energy independence is being destroyed. Biden has pandered to China and given them a full pass over Covid. Our current president has all but surrendered our Southern boarder, with millions of illegals crossing over, including drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists and other violent criminals.

The Biden administration knowingly left over $7 billion in military equipment in Afghanistan for the terrorists to keep in his disastrous withdrawal. And – the U.S. is officially in a recession, with unemployment at levels unseen since the Great Depression. It’s said to be the worst economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world.

So Mr. Naeem, you are telling us that Trump is the bad guy here and people are “sick” for supporting him? I think you’d better rethink that diagnosis!!!

Susan Beckett

Hemet, CA

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