CNPA opens membership to freelancers


The CNPA Board of Directors on Aug. 5 approved a policy change that invites freelance journalists and writers to become Associate Members for $100 a year. The change is intended to give freelance news reporters and CNPA editors and publishers a place to “meet” to pursue mutual interests.

The move reflects practical considerations, according to Charles Ford Champion II, president and chief executive officer of the association, as well as common ground on issues that relate to employment and certain labor initiatives that threaten distribution and personal income.

“More and more, editors and publishers of print and digital publications rely on freelance journalists to help supplement coverage of important local news, especially when staff resources are constrained by expertise or finances,” he said.

“Journalism today is no longer the sole province of news enterprises,” said Champion. “More and more our members rely on access to freelance journalism talent to gather and report news that is important to their readers.”

“The Board feels strongly that CNPA can provide a ‘marketplace’ to facilitate these connections,” he continued. “It is in line with our mission to promote and protect free press and journalism. With freelance talent and editors in closer proximity to one another through membership, we can achieve greater levels of collaboration.”

As members, freelancers will be able to access CNPA’s full range of Associate Member services, including access to the CNPA Legal Helpline, member rates for all attendees at CNPA meetings, a directory listing and inclusion in subscriptions to CNPA communications and publications.

The unanimous vote to include freelancers in its member ranks takes effect immediately.

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