Loma Linda Children’s Hospital receive Jared Boxes

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Outreach program of 15 years

Our Hemet/San Jacinto Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG) did a terrific job making Jared Boxes again this year for the seriously ill kids at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital. Jared Boxes (shoeboxsized) are filled with small toys, books, socks, Nerf Balls, crayons, pens (and other child-oriented things too numerous to mention), to keep the kids engaged and active while they endure long and tedious tests, exams, chemo, and other stressful procedures. (Look online for more information on ways you can help make Jared Boxes for children in your local area hospitals.) This year the DKG teachers made 84 boxes! The value of each box ranges from $25 to $35/box, and they are donated by both the active and the retired teachers who belong to DKG.

The local chapter of DKG, Gamma Theta Chapter, has been making Jared Boxes for approximately 15 years. DKG Is a not-for-profit organization of women teachers with chapters in all 50 states and in many other countries around the world. Their mission is to honor and support women teachers, support schools, and reach out to kids and families in need and/or at risk.


The Hemet/ San Jacinto Chapter, Gamma Theta, has three long-running outreach programs that they have supported for 15 to 20 years: Jared Boxes for Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, Children’s books for Teen Parents, and the annual NAMIWALK Team: “Educators for NAMI,” which is a fundraiser (5K sponsored walk around Diamond Valley Lake) held each year to support our local chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). NAMI helps families and children throughout the San Jacinto Valley and Mountain areas. Gamma Theta also collects and donates personal care items for C.A.S.A. (now called REACH) and for the Valley Restart Center.

For more information regarding the women teacher’s group contact: GammaThetaDKGtreas@gmail.com.

Mary Rust

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