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Our Readers Respond To Our Weekly Question To The Community

In last week's Question to the Community we asked: "Are you miserable because you live in Hemet? Is Hemet really that of a miserable place to live?" Here are some of the responses from the community

Question to the community

This week's question to the community is very simple and straight-forward. Given that the state of our city address was just delivered on 11/7

Question to the community

In a recent report, Hemet was named as the "44th most miserable city in America." We love Hemet, and we think it's a great place to live.

What Can We Do About Our Homeless Problem?

This week we asked our readers what they think should be done about the homeless problem in our valley. One reader really had a lot to say about this, so we are going to print their response.

Question to the community

Last week's "Question to the community" dealth with safety. Many of the responses mentioned the homeless problem in our community.

The Community Responds to our Question of the Week

Last week’s Community Question was, "Do you feel safe in our community? If not why and could change in order for you to feel safe? If you already feel safe, why?"


This week's "Question to the community" has to do with safety. We've seen the studies showing that Hemet is ranked as one of the most "miserable"

The Community Responds To Our Question Of The Week

Last week we asked you guys if you thought high school students should be required to complete some form of community service in order to graduate from high school. The majority of you all responded with a quick "yes";