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(The Community Responds)

Do You Feel Safe In The Community?

Last week’s Community Question was, “Do you feel safe in our community? If not why and could change in order for you to feel safe? If you already feel safe, why?”

Here are some of reader responses,

S.Castro- “Nope! Not enough police presence on Florida, Too many homeless at the community parks, I don’t even park any of my cars outside of the garage because there’s wack jobs slashing tires and windshields. And i just bought a new home out here. Came from Redlands.”

S. Ryan- “Love Hemet and San Jacinto. Lived here for the last 20 years.”

A. Dotinga- “Been here since 1970, I refuse to let anybody make me stay inside day or night or be afraid. I shop all over town, eat out etc without letting anything bother me. We just have to be aware of our surroundings and who is in our space.”

A.Ruiz-Bolton- “I don’t feel “unsafe” here, maybe because I grew up and lived in NYC for 60 years. I’ve never experienced anything “scary” here. I’ve never even been accosted by a beggar…I chalk that up to my NY “smile.” I try to be aware of what’s going on around me at any given time, and unless it’s unavoidable, I’m not taking a moonlight stroll. I live in a 55+ community, so there usually isn’t much activity, especially at night, that goes unnoticed, but I still make sure everything is locked up tight. I try to do what I can to keep myself safe, but I realize that no matter where I live, even in the best of neighborhoods, there might be people who would try to do me harm.”

W.Lars- “Something needs to be done about the homeless some are druggies and need to steal to be able buy drugs that leads to a lot of petty crimes and since California won’t prosecute them it doesn’t stop and it is getting worse

We keep paying more and more in taxes and getting less for our money I am moving out of state.”

K.Michael- “More patrolling areas would be good. I live near Whittier Elementary school and people are rude and don’t even follow the laws when they see a school they speed by so fast not thinking of the kids. I worry all the time! Slow down and obey the signs. Gilbert awful too! Business area slow down!”

S. Carmody- “Not anymore. In East Hemet unincorporated area no regulation of fireworks & I know last night one of “bangs” was gunshot. Recognized it from hunting with dad. Just so much of it, so close together, people can’t tell the difference. Street people, I can handle but this constant assault on peace & quiet in my own home is really too much. Dangerous, don’t know when shots really fired.”

And that is this week’s responses to the Community Question! Make sure to be on the lookout for next week’s question and email your responses to [email protected].

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