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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Valley Community Pantry Turns 55

On Friday, February 21, Valley Community Pantry (VCP) celebrated its 55th year in serving its community. The event brought together local businesses

San Jacinto Valley Academy WIN!!

Congratulations to the San Jacinto Valley Academy Middle School Lady Wolves for Winning the 2020 Championship game in their division

Valley stunned by death of two beloved leaders

A loss of any kind at any time, is hard to take. A loss of the life of a beloved community leader is even harder to take. Losing two such leaders…both healthy just days before their deaths, and losing them in the closing days of the holiday season

So Much for June Gloom

Snow in Idyllwild to over a hundred degrees in the Valley. It seems that it’s not only the weather that is finding extremes...