The Church in our Midst


Without question, in addition to the schools we attended as we were growing up, the most important institution in our lives is the Church we visited at least once a week.

Aside from the aspect of religion, all churches regardless of denomination seek to propagate the same values of goodness to all things living through Ministers who have spent many years studying their craft and whom we trust.

We learned to accept, respect and practice the teachings of our chosen church and their representatives because we know they are true and will always guide us on the righteous path. 

In these modern days, however, churches must compete for the time of their parishioners with so many distractions, not the least of which is Information Technology that has permeated our society everywhere.

The question is how can this institution remain engaged vis-à-vis forces pulling in opposite directions?  How can the time honored teachings of the church prevail in an environment competing for the attention of the same people but whose message for some is more engaging and easier to understand and digest? 

Some churches seem to be doing well as they fill large auditoriums with people, bringing in large sums of money to pay for audiovisual presentations, musical groups, expensive guest speakers and the like.  Others still reach out the good old fashioned way in a smaller more humble and familiar setting where the message can be communicated without all the amenities.

The method used by the various churches are a result of what works for them in the matter of attracting parishioners.  Not all parishioners are the same and happily here in Hemet and San Jacinto there is a setting available for every inclination.

In Hemet and San Jacinto, we are blessed with churches of all denominations, some large and some small, that interact with the community in traditional fashion during weekly services and dedicate the rest of the week to outreach activities through food, clothing drives, and others.  They minister to the old and infirm, the incarcerated and homeless, they preach the good word to all who will listen and return many lost lives to an honorable and noble path.

Here in Hemet and San Jacinto, we are indeed fortunate in having men and women of the cloth dedicating their entire lives to such a noble calling and by constantly reminding us all of the need to be tolerant and truthful adherents to the Golden Rule.

The best metric to measure the quality of life of a community, large or small, is not only by how many restaurants, movie houses, parks and the like exist, but by the number of churches and the manner in which they interface with each other and with the townspeople.    

Here in Hemet and San Jacinto, I can enthusiastically affirm that our clergy is alive and kicking performing their fundamental mission with energy, love and charity.  

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