The Village presents its 2019 Scholarship Awards


Hemet, California – June 25, 2019 – The Annual Scholarship Awards were presented at The Village Retirement Community on Tuesday, June 25. The Village Scholarship Program is an independent 501(c) 3 non-profit organization made up of Village Residents who meet monthly for the sole purpose of promoting and scheduling activities that support the scholarship fund. Active since 1995 and a separate entity from The Village Retirement Community, the Scholarship Committee has been awarding academic scholarships and grants to outstanding employees of The Village Retirement Community and Healthcare Center who are actively pursuing their educational and vocational advancement. 

Qualified applicants must be currently employed by The Village or HealthCare Center. Full time and part-time students enrolled in a two or four-year college or university are eligible to apply. In addition to the academic scholarships, the Committee also provides educational grants for those students who are participating in studies outside the traditional university system. The spirit of the program and the generosity of the residents at The Village denote the special relationships that are formed with the employees. It is because of this relationship that the individuals who interact with the residents in a variety of services, appreciate the opportunity to be part of the scholarship program. Residents become mentors of sorts. Following the journey of each student as they move forward to obtaining their degree or certification. 

This year a former employee of The Village, Paula King returned to speak at the Awards presentation. She gave a heartfelt account of how the scholarship program made an impact on her life and career. As a trained harp therapist, she has comforted many in need and today generously volunteers throughout the Valley with her beautiful music. The scholarship recipients were glad to hear of Paula’s background and ties to The Village. 

From nursing to creative carpentry, from the elementary school teacher to cosmetology, the range and field of study that the scholarship recipients pursue professionally is diverse. Each excited in discovering their career desires and getting the needed support to complete their field of study. One of the scholarship recipients put it best, “I followed my heart. I loved woodworking as an expression of my creative side. Through the scholarship program at The Village, I am moving forward to getting my degree.” Says Brandon, part of the dining room team.

The Village, an active 60+ Life Plan Community, offers active, independent living on the same 13-acre campus along with The Village HealthCare Center. The Village provides a variety of exceptional services and amenities, including a guarantee of care and services for life. The HealthCare Center, which is open to the public, offers 24-Hour skilled nursing care in addition to the “Respite Getaway,” “Knee Recovery” and “Bridge to Home” programs in assisted living. 

For more information on The Village visit: or call (951) 658-3369



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