15 Tips to Help You Kick Your Alcohol Habit

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Drinking alcohol is one of the most common alcohol addictions and can alter our decisions in various ways. It helps us cope with stress and anxiety, lifts our mood, and helps us relax. However, this can be detrimental to our health in many ways. Alcohol addiction affects the brain and can lead to serious illness and death. However, there are several steps you can take to beat your alcohol habit.

Like any other kind of addiction, it can be hard to stop when you’re addicted to alcohol. You might think that this will never change since you’ve been drinking for so long, but it’s not true. Using the following tips, you can beat your addiction and get into a new lifestyle.

Ways to Curb Your Alcohol Habit

Here are some expert tips on reducing your alcohol consumption and kicking the habit altogether.

#1. Measure how much you are drinking The first step to dealing with your alcohol addiction is to measure your drinks. It will help you understand how much you are drinking. According to experts, the standard glass of wine is approximately five ounces and contains about 12% alcohol. Meanwhile, a shot of spirits like vodka has 40% alcohol in a 1.5-ounce shot, and a 12-ounce can of beer is 5% alcohol.

#2. Make a plan It is important to set a daily drink limit. You need to start easy and not aim for complete abstinence. If you drink daily, stay sober for at least two days a week. Aside from slowly weaning yourself, you can also prevent any untoward incident like getting involved in a car accident. In this case, you may need a DUI alcohol lawyer.

#3. Monitor your alcohol intake When you know how much you are drinking and a plan to curb the habit, you need to monitor how much you have in a day. You can use any calendar or download a tracking app for more convenience. We recommend interlock installation to prevent you from starting the vehicle without going through a breath alcohol analyzer.

#4. Be honest with your family and friends Tell them that you want to change. This approach can help normalize the path to a healthier you. They can even help you stay on track.

#5. Try to abstain for a month Once you are in the groove, try abstaining from alcohol for one month. Then, call it a dry month to reduce alcohol consumption.

#6. Get exercise Try exercising as a healthy option for people who turn to alcohol to ease their anxiety. Try exploring the outdoors and venture into nature-tripping. It can help you cope with negative moods and reduce anxiety.

#7. Drink plenty of water Maybe you are reaching for alcohol because you are thirsty. Before opening that bottle, drink a tall glass of water or a cup of tea. When your thirst is quenched, you won’t need alcohol at all.

#8. Eat before and in between drinks It is a fact that food absorbs alcohol. Therefore, eating before and while drinking can make you feel full and dampen its effect. As a result, you may not want to drink at all.

#9. Be prepared for your alcohol cravings You will crave alcohol at one point, and you should make a plan for it. Remember why you want to cut back on alcohol when the time comes. You can also distract yourself and keep busy. This urge will pass.

#10. Remove alcohol from your house You tend to drink more when alcohol is accessible to you. Therefore, you should remove alcohol from your house altogether.

#11. Control your emotions One of the reasons why people turn to alcohol is when they hold grudges, are resentful, or angry. Alcoholics Anonymous recommends navigating these feelings by talking to someone, getting enough rest, keeping yourself busy, and choosing a positive attitude.

#12. Combat loneliness Maybe you are drinking to ease the pain because you are lonely; you need to combat this feeling by connecting with others. Find worthwhile activities that will nourish you emotionally and mentally.

#13. Avoid the triggers Identify the things that would make you reach for that drink. Is it the rise and fall of the stock market? Is it an irritating partner? Taking stock of what sensations, emotions, and incidents are triggering your urge to drink will help you respond to the situation with caution.

#14. Just say “No.” From time to time, someone will offer you a drink. Decline politely and firmly. Saying “No Thanks” is simple enough but will deliver your message. Ask a friend for support or opt for a non-alcoholic drink. If the situation is not in your favor, exit.

#15. It’s OK to fail; you can always go back to No. 1 Don’t get disappointed if you fail. Go back to the first step. Learn how to respond to setbacks. Reflect on the lessons learned from your first attempt and own it. The next time, nothing can stop you from kicking that habit.


The most vital tip for beating the alcohol habit is to keep going. Start over and try other options if one method does not work. One of them is bound to help you eliminate your alcohol addiction. Remember, you are making big changes, and it requires time. However, once you succeed, the feeling is quite liberating.

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