“A life of service….or serving time…”


“Sports started it all for me: you have to learn to be selfless in sports: it’s all about the team and about winning. All the bad guys I saw were very selfish: I knew I didn’t want to become like them,” says Saunders, adding,” I grew up in the mean ugly streets of San Bernardino, San Berdoo. I’m proud of my heritage and my old community, but as a child, I had a choice: the streets and crime…or the life I chose: a life of support and service.” said Kevin Saunders, one of the top agents at Brubaker-Culton Realty.

A strong family life instilled in Saunders a sense of helping others while you’re helping yourself. “I’d always been interested in performing and in helping performers. During the early 2000s, I launched “KS Media” in Los Angeles. I managed the databases of the talent that’s the stars, managed the team, and companies, agents, promoters, and studios. Before long, I was negotiating client rates and amenities, directing…all from the knowledge base and business skills I had learned along the way. Soon I was processing client’s omissions and judging talent,” says Saunders, adding, “that’s where and how I met Don.”

“Don” just happened to be Don Cornelius. For scores of kids, Cornelius and his “Soul Train” show was the direct conduit for the country’s best R &B and funk. Then came Kevin Saunders, rap and hip-hop. “All those years of dancing, cutting my own (clean) rap albums…and promoting acts, came together. At first, Don wasn’t too hip on rap and hip-hop,” says a laughing Saunders. “Don said, “What’s this stuff? They’re just saying the same thing over and over…” but I told him that this was the next big thing.” Not too long after my stint with Soul Train, I got into work for “Workplace Hollywood,” and I working with names like Geffen and Spielberg.”

From there, Saunders was handed one of his proudest moments: Production Assistant for the 35th NAACP Image Awards in Los Angeles. “I worked directly with the talent-big names, attending and coordinating planning, pre-production meetings and worked directly with the TV team.”

Then came a move to Hemet. “I loved real estate and had owned a few houses myself. I still loved performing…and I thought, “Real Estate!” You’re in front of an audience every time you show a house. I also want to tie in videos with my sales, because I still have a good sense of humor, and I think that that puts people at ease.” Putting “people at ease,” must be working, as Saunders immediately won “Newcomer of the year for Brubaker-Culton, then in short order, Saunders racked ups ten sales in his first year. He has continued his hallmark care, concern, personality and salesmanship this year. “I just won agent of the month, two months in a row…and I just won the “Triple Crown”: Top Sales, Top Commission and Top Activity,” says Saunders.

Saunders is also blessed with a 20 year-marriage and a beautiful daughter 13-year-old daughter named Sonai. “I’m very blessed with the way things are right now…but I want more. I want to overcome all obstacles to become an entertaining salesman who backs up all he does with outstanding care and service.”

For those interested in contacting Kevin Saunders, you may contact Brubaker-Culton (951) 492-4714, Cell (951) 665-9778 or [email protected].


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