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During a time of a major pandemic, with high prices at the gas pump and general inflation, more and more workers are starting to combine home and office. With modern technology, communications and e-mail (which is rapidly catching up with the United States Postal System), there is a significant move toward home offices.

Due to the threat of COVID, many companies let their office employees operate from home. Virtual meetings on Zoom have replaced conference room get-togethers. There are many good reasons for this dramatic movement to combine home and office:

1. Prevents exposure to all kinds of illnesses that breed like flies in office settings.

2. In most cases, it eliminates having a babysitter.

3. Less traffic on clogged highways.

4. Reduces the cost of gasoline as well as eliminates a lot of frustration driving to and from work during rush hour traffic.

5. Less gossiping around the coffee urn with fellow workers means a higher production rate.

6. No restrictions on personal calls – incoming or outgoing.

7 Able to work in your pajamas, if you like. More relaxing work atmosphere.

8. Adjust room temperature to your liking, not something set by a machine that says one degree fits all.

All in all, you can be more flexible with your budget, work in a comfortable atmosphere and most importantly, the room you use for an office allows you to deduct that percentage of space on your tax returns, i.e. phone, utilities and other household expenses.

Good idea, right? You may qualify. Talk to your employer.

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Rusty Strait | Senior Reporter

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