Astro-Camp benefit takes off.


(Astro-Camp benefit)

Western Science Center holds successful benefit at Applebee’s

Patrons, charity-minded and hungry, lined up Saturday morning at the local Applebee’s to support the Western Science Center’s trip to Astrocamp in Idyllwild.

“We set an ambitious goal of $30,000 raised between all of our different benefits. This breakfast has been a great success,” said Brenda DeLuna, 8th grade honors teacher at the Western Center. DeLuna adds, “We have been working with Applebee’s for approximately five years now. They’ve been very generous to us: they split proceeds with us 50-50. It’s a very good fund-raising program.”

The Applebee’s program asks only a minimum of 100 patrons, paying $10 each for a buffet-style breakfast, and they evenly split the proceeds.

The breakfast is part of an ambitious effort to offset the cost of the Astro Camp, which will send 117 students to Idyllwild from October 21 through the 23rd. “This program is for eighth graders only, and allows the many academic and adventure-type activities. These kids will be doing things in a classroom that I’d never dream of. For example they’ll be playing with liquid nitrogen and purposely blowing things up,” says DeLuna, adding, “I love science and though I’d never do these kinds of things in the classroom, the camp instructors are professionals and go above and beyond to make the experience safe amazing, and our children love it.”

Diners were treated to pancakes, eggs toast and coffee in the clean, bright Applebee’s dining room. “It’s a wonderful facility with great food and Applebee’s is always there to help the Western Science Center,” said DeLuna.

The benefit was honored by a visit from San Jacinto Mayor Russ Utz. “It’s always great to be here at Applebee’s, to come here and have breakfast. They open up this room especially to help out different organizations. They always do a great job and are a valued community partner. The Western Science Center is extremely important as they provide many unique opportunities for kids that they may not find elsewhere.”

Those seeking to support The Western Science are asked to visit online at

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