Biden is a Gold Mine


Steve Feinstein | American Thinker

Joe Biden is the proverbial gold mine. Someone is going to give into the all-too-obvious temptation and make a veritable fortune very soon. Doing so will pretty much permanently ruin that individual’s prospects as a major operative in future Democrat doings, but someone, somewhere, is going to grab that overly tempting low-hanging fruit. There is a “tell-all” book coming soon, without question, an “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment, a “Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain” reveal, one that will cause the objective world to say, “Aha! Knew it all along!” while making the hyperpartisan Democrat apologists in the government and the liberal media cringe with inescapable, crushing humiliation.

It probably isn’t necessary to list every example of verbal incoherence, physical fragility, cognitive decline, or policy illogic and inconsistency. For the sake of this discussion, we’ll leave aside the numerous, undeniable matters of outright financial corruption, influence pedaling, and bribe taking, since it would appear that most of those incidents occurred when Biden was still actually in control of his faculties.

What we’re looking at here is the outright inability of Joe Biden to function as a lucid, balanced individual with a clear-minded grasp of the issues and nuances of presidential policy, ever since just before the 2020 election.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden veered off in so many strange directions it was difficult to keep up with them: From his jumbled, confused rambling of “We hold these truths…. that all men…. you know, the THING!” to his inexplicable fabrication of the irrelevant Corn Pop episode to his flat-outright creepy story about how he has hairy legs that turn blond in the sun and kids would like to stroke his legs in the pool, his 2020 campaign was one bizarre interlude after another.

Then came the debates with President Trump. To the total shock of any sane person paying even a modicum of attention, Biden somehow made it through the debates without freezing up and hitting a mental wall. Sure, the debate moderators did all they could to lay up softball after softball for him and tried to interrupt and trip up President Trump in every way they could, but the energy and ability to focus displayed by Biden defied anything he’d shown on the campaign trail and his mental aura during those debates stands in marked, obvious contradiction to anything he’s displayed while in office. Unlike championship sports competitions, there are no “pre-debate” drug tests for presidential candidates. But there should be. Someone knows.

While he’s been in office, the examples of cognitive incoherence and physical fragility have only gotten worse and more numerous. He wanders off stage before interviews are over. He turns and shakes hands with invisible people. He transparently cuts reporters’ questions short to avoid having to think on his feet or demonstrate a mastery of the issues, saying he’ll “Be in trouble” if he talks too much. He falls off his bicycle. He stumbles up and down stairs. He trips and falls when no normal person would.

As stated above, someone knows. Actually, many people know. The question is who will give into the irresistible financial allure of such a project and do the deed, knowing that such a spilling of the beans will unquestionably mark the end of their Democrat party career?

It will take a combination of guts, disloyalty, and abject greed. Writing a turncoat confessional, divulging all the dirty inner secrets that so many have long suspected will be a major occurrence, without question. The liberal media will absolutely excoriate the person who does this and the media will do everything they can to discredit the effort as nothing more than a personal act of vengeance by an aggrieved party, someone with a personal ax to grind with Biden.

However, so many people have undoubtedly witnessed enough firsthand day-in/day-out evidence that any number of people would be more than qualified and credible to write it. If people are honest with themselves, anyone in his entire inner circle could do it. If it comes from a high-profile advisor, cabinet member, or medical professional, it will ring true to the public — regardless of party — and be almost impossible to slough off.

Trying to guess “who will do it” is not a particularly productive endeavor at this point, and in any event, it’s not necessary to do so. Certainly, some individuals currently or formerly from the Biden administration have a bit more personal gravitas and credibility than others, while many others on Team Biden come across as intellectually compromised, down-the-line Kool-Aid drinkers, demographic box-checkers who couldn’t put forth a believable, sequential narrative if they tried.

If Biden and the Democrats somehow don’t manage to steal the 2024 election and a Republican wins the White House, someone will absolutely write this book and the feeling here is that it will be the big seller of 2025.

Actually, my guess is that it’s already written, just waiting to go.

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