California Artist enso Surprised After His Art NFT ‘Glitch #2’ Becomes Most Viewed in Opensea History

Glitch #2 by Enso SOURCE Enso Gallery

Malibu, California artist and founder of the Enso Gallery, Tyler “enso” Barnett, says he is “surprised and humbled” to find his latest digital artwork, an NFT titled Glitch #2, tracking as one of the most-viewed NFTs ever on the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Glitch #2 appears to have gone viral after being purchased by a collector a few weeks ago, though enso says he doesn’t know exactly why the work has been attracting more viewers than some 18 million other digital works of art and collectibles listed on the platform.

enso’s Glitch #2 is the second in the artist’s Glitch series, though it was released onto the NFT marketplace first. It features a hand painted enso in traditional Japanese sumi ink. After being digitized and turned into an NFT, “it became a glitch in the matrix,” enso said. “It will eventually sell for $699,966,” the artist predicts.

enso’s digital art gallery on OpenSea is a natural extension of his Malibu-based Gallery, the artist says. In February, enso made headlines for his Malibu gallery’s cryptocurrency-first policy.

NFTs, the artist says, were a natural outlet for his art after Coronavirus lockdowns reduced the number of visitors to his Malibu gallery beginning last year. “Much like the rest of the world, art and artists have had to move online as a result of the pandemic,” enso opines.

In a break from his traditional ‘enso’ works, in late March, enso listed the world’s first TikTok NFT for 3,690 Ethereum (ETH), or approximately $6 million USD at the time. Bidding on that work, titled Breakfast with My Daughter, will continue until April 22, though the increasing value of ETH in recent days means that the reserve price of 3,690 ETH is now the equivalent of approximately $7.6 million USD.

enso believes that NFTs are not only here to stay, but that the marketplace is still in its infancy. While skeptics point out that NFTs don’t prevent others from making copies of digital artworks, NFTs are “non-fungible,” enso explained.

“I believe deeply NFTs are the future of art,” says enso.

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