California Women’s Party Plans to Electrify Political Landscape The Party Will Focus on Quality of Life and Environmental Legislation

Courtney Sheehan, State Chairperson Courtesy Photo of

The California Women’s Party, which plans to qualify for the 2024 primary election, has created a “Humanity-First” platform which will focus on supporting attainable home ownership, universal pre-kindergarten access, a clean energy plan, and paid family leave, among other priorities, in a vocal demonstration of members’ displeasure with the current two-party system’s handling of issues that traditionally affect many women and families. The party’s goal is to gather at least 1 million members over the next four years and, once qualified, will feature at least five local candidates and one Women’s Party Presidential candidate on the November 2024 ballot.

State Chairperson and former U.S. Marine, Courtney Sheehan, states, “We are energized and strategically organized to deliver quantifiable results, not lip service. Our candidates will have a level of integrity unseen in American politics today. Disaffected Democrats, Green party members, and NPP voters who feel “politically homeless” will find a home with us as we both push back against regressive legislation and promote a platform that prioritizes the needs of female-identifying people and families. For once, women’s voices will be unapologetically at the forefront of the conversation.”

The California Women’s Party is holding their Inaugural Convention on November 8th on Zoom at 12pm, which is open to the public. Registration can be found on the party’s website,

Questions can be directed to Alexandra Kolar at The party’s official website is

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