Color Psychology Meaning


(Color Psychology Meaning)

Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy,

As some of you know I’m the current Chair of the Hemet San Jacinto Chamber of commerce, and last week I attended the ribbon cutting for City of the Heart Psychological Services. You may ask what does that have to do with cars?

Well I got to thinking about how many times in my automotive career people are at time very particular about their color choice.

What’s the meaning of your car color? Perhaps the color of your car says more about you and your personality than you think.

Looks into the possible reasons why you or someone else selected a particular car color.

Are you looking to be noticed, or are you more of a private person that’s just looking to blend in with the crowd? Are you an outgoing person, creative, conventional thinker? Perhaps the color of someones car can tell us this and more.


It’s difficult to go wrong with a black car. It looks good, so a focus and pride on appearances is important. Despite appearances being important, it could suggest a reserved and private personality, perhaps introverted, often seeking their own company.

However it could also imply a strong desire to be respected and to gain social status. People who prioritize social status and respect from peers are usually more extroverted people that live in the moment.

Owning a black car may suggest strong primal survival instincts are motivating them. They wish to be unseen, to remain under the radar because they feel like they need to protect themselves. It may also suggest a motivation to feel powerful and strong as black is associated with these meanings.

Black is also a very respectable, sophisticated and professional color for a car. Being seen in this way could be important to them.


Silver is probably the most popular color choice for a car. It’s a very practical color choice for a couple of reasons. It’s one of the safest colors due to its high visibility. Due to their popularity they also tend to hold their value better than other colors. Silver is definitely a wise and practical choice.

Choosing a silver car also suggests a desire for the conventional, they don’t want to stand out, they want to fit in, they have a strong priority to be normal.

So we have a conventional practical thinking person with a strong focus on fitting into society. They probably have a strong fear of being alienated which can cause them much anxiety.

Choosing a silver car for practical reasons could perhaps suggests that a car for that person is simply a tool or mode of transport. They perhaps have little pride or interest in cars, it could suggest a lack of interest in materialistic items.


Gray is similar to silver however it probably suggests very different reasons for choosing a gray car. It’s a darker color so the focus on safety/visibility is less likely to be a selection factor. The motivation for choosing a gray car could be a desire to be a little bit different and unique without looking to stand out.

Metallic gray looks very modern and stylish without looking for attention. Gray is less common and conventional than silver which may suggest a desire for individuality. Individuality takes priority over fitting into the norms of society.


White is the choice of car color of the perfectionist, they perhaps have an obsession for cleanliness. It’s also the choice of someone that doesn’t mind attention and being noticed. They’re very likely to be an extroverted outgoing personality type that gets their energy from group and social situations.

White is associated with simplistic, modern or futuristic devices, so it could suggest a love for technology and perhaps simplicity.

Dark Blue/Green

Choosing a dark blue or green car suggests seriousness, reserved and not looking for attention. Probably introverted in personality that enjoys their alone time. It shows conventional thinking and probably a traditionalist. Perhaps not a great deal of effort going into their color choice, functional, just a car, not interested in materialistic possessions. People who are not interested in the materialistic tend to focus more of their energies on friends and family and generally the simply things in life.


Choosing red can be a sign that someone is confident when dealing with attention, probably socially confident that either likes or seeks attention. Red is probably their favorite color with a desire to express their likes and emotions.

Red is perhaps a practical yet conventional choice. Red colored cars are among the safest on the road. This may suggest a very sensible and practically minded person.

Dark Reds Maroon & Burgundy are reserved colors, however they have character, and they’re associated with luxury and wealth. Dark red may suggest a need for expression of the love for the color. Perhaps red is their favorite color however they’re not looking for attention. Perhaps it’s a subtle way of seeking approval, social status and to be seen as sophisticated.

Bright & Unconventional Colors

We are seeing some bright and unconventional colors hitting the roads in recent years. For example, bright or lime green, a few orange variants and brighter shades of blue.

Choosing one of these colors would almost certainly indicate a person that has strong desires for individuality, uniqueness and self expression. These desires will surpass the need to fit into the crowd. Probably very open minded, open to and often seeking new experiences.

Open minded people are also often intuitive, inward thinking and creative in some form with a need to express that creativity.

Personally, Even though I don’t feel that color choices don’t fully describe an individual I hope you found it interesting

This article is contributed from Matt Reacher

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