Everyone rides for 25 cents all Summer long


Bus ride will be just a quarter from June 1 through August 30

RTA | Contributed

Who says a quarter doesn’t buy much nowadays? This summer, anyone can ride the bus for just 25 cents.

With a quarter, customers can ride anywhere Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) buses go, anytime they operate. The special rate is a great opportunity for customers — both new and frequent — to find an affordable way around town this summer. Whether it’s a trip to work, Disneyland, shopping or a friend’s house, a quarter is all you need to ride RTA buses anywhere they go, anytime they operate.

To pay, customers simply use the GoMobile app or drop a quarter in the farebox when they board. RTA Chair Linda Molina said the quarter fares, which are made possible by a state grant to reduce emissions, will give customers more cash in their pockets when they arrive to their destinations.

“This is an exciting time to be a bus rider,” Molina said. “Instead of spending money on gas, our customers are saving money every time they ride.”

Not only are the quarter rides a great way to save money, they are also a great way to help the environment. In fact, thanks to RTA’s promotions over the past several months, which included 25-cent rides, reduced monthly passes, and free rides on New Year’s Eve after 2 p.m. and Election Day, RTA buses have carried 3.4 million reduced-fare boardings, eliminated 19 million vehicle miles on the road, and reduced the equivalent of seven thousand metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. “For every person riding the bus, there’s one less car on the road,” Molina said.

“That means a lot for an agency that prides itself on being environmentally conscious and forward-thinking when it comes to cleaner, greener ways to travel.” Besides the 25-cent fares, there’s plenty to like about riding the bus. With friendly drivers, comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi service, and a safe environment, RTA buses offer a great alternative to driving alone.

Plus, students from participating Go-Pass and U-Pass colleges — California Baptist University, La Sierra University, Moreno Valley College, Mt. San Jacinto Colleges, Norco College, Riverside City College and UC Riverside — continue to ride free.

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