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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Half Way

There is an old political quip attributed to former California U.S. Senator Hayakawa. To paraphrase, if a man were drowning 50 feet offshore, a Democrat would throw him 100 feet of rope. A Republican would throw him 25 feet of rope and yell, “I’ll meet you half way.” In both cases, the man drowns.

Hero By Another Name

I learned a very valuable lesson this election year. I was taught by my daughter what makes a hero. I am, what some would call, a know-it-all, and I learned that my daughter had given me that status to such a point that it distorted her own thoughts to fit with mine. This realization and its eventual undoing were an eye-opener for me. This know-it-all fell a tad short of expectations.

Why Trump’s electoral crisis is really a moral crisis

When a whole community has become immersed in a moral crisis, what’s actually gone wrong becomes difficult to recognize with any clarity. The threat of Donald Trump (even now, one week after the election) and of what now deservedly can be called Trumpism has never been primarily about policies.

Certain Medicare Plans Could Offer Members Food Assistance Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a long list of unprecedented challenges, including the way it has caused food insecurity to rise. Food insecurity is defined as the lack of access to enough nutritionally adequate foods to live an active and healthy life.

In Response to Dick Gale’s “Do Your Part”

I hate to be obstinate (like President Trump), but this election has not formally been called. As of this writing, not ONE state has called the election. In addition, even though the mainstream media is NOT reporting the irregularities that are being found, you can believe there are plenty of irregularities.

Kiss Your But Goodbye

There was once a pastor who visited a church member whom he had not seen in church for quite a long time. The pastor was invited into the man’s home and, being cold outside, the two of them sat in front of the man’s blazing fireplace for a while. After a bit, the pastor got up and picked out a hot coal from the fire and sat it aside on the fireplace hearth.

Firefighters Seeking Gifts for Kids in Annual ‘Spark of Love’ Toy...

Riverside firefighters inaugurated their annual campaign to collect gifts for underprivileged children throughout the city, asking residents who can afford to make a donation to drop blankets, sports gear and unwrapped toys at any one of multiple "Spark of Love'' toy drive locations.

SEIU Local 721 Demonstrates Outside City Hall

After a lengthy closed session, the council meeting began at 7:15 pm. The invocation was given by the Interfaith Council’s Bill Heller with Pledge of Allegiance given by council member Linda Krupa.

Trebek brought consensus, class to a nation in need of both

In a politically torn, culturally divided and socially splintered America, there was one thing nearly everyone could agree on: Alex Trebek was awesome.

Health Care on the Line: The ACA is my lifeline

As the never-ending battle over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) returns to a Supreme Court with a strong conservative majority, the future of the law is uncertain.