Coping with a Pandemic

I have a neighbor whose toilet paper stack is so huge that it is visible from the Space Station. He is one of the first people


Noli Indian School students were busy before the school was temporarily closed due to recommendations surrounding the Coronavirus

Hemet City leaders build stronghold in preparation for COVID-19

Recently, I've had the opportunity to sit down with Mayor Russ Brown, and Mayor Pro Tem, Linda Krupa, to discuss Hemet’s state

Contagious? You bet!

There’s a game children around the world have played for centuries that kids still enjoy today. I’d be surprised if anyone reading

County provides emergency housing for homeless individuals

The County of Riverside has identified hotels and motels with available units for unsheltered homeless individuals

Police Warn of Scam Artists Seeking to Exploit Virus Crisis

Riverside police are advising residents and others to be on guard for scam artists seeking to exploit the coronavirus state of emergency.

With isolation, abuse activists fear an ‘explosive cocktail’

“Safer at Home.” It’s a slogan of choice for the mandatory confinement measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

$10 toilet paper? Coronavirus gouging complaints surge in US

One store advertised hand sanitizer at $60 a bottle. Another was accused of hawking it at $1 a squirt. Chain stores offered

Coronavirus-Pechanga Donation

After shutting down Saturday, Pechanga Resort Casino announced today it has given a storehouse of food

A Big Change in Life Habits

Just a few weeks ago we were all going about our normal lives, performing our everyday activities, when, all of a sudden