Special Presentations at San Jacinto City Council

San Jacinto Corporal Jeff Hurd introduced his four-legged partner to the community, Tuesday February 4. Yanik has been actively patrolling the streets for the last 4 ½ months, gaining experience and in that time has made about 35 surrenders.


News broke that a new health epidemic labeled the "Coronavirus" had broken out on several continents. It broke out in Wuhan,

Climate Change: Are we Really Paying Attention?

Last week in Davos, Switzerland, representatives of countries from all over the world congregated at the World Economic


Thanks to a generous grant from the Soboba Foundation, West Valley High School in Hemet has been able to provide fine arts classes

Who’s Really Lost? You or God??

I hear it every so often - you’ve probably heard it too. It’s an extremely familiar phrase that people are fond of saying and always leaves

Attention Mobile / Manufactured Home Owners!

Golden State Manufactured-home Owners League (GSMOL) will be holding a “Region Nine” meeting for Mobile Home owners of Riverside County on Friday February

Hamburger Bash to Benefit San Jacinto Schools

That time of year is approaching and Community Builders of San Jacinto (CBSJ) are getting ready to kick off their annual Hamburger Bash.

Heart-felt messages mean more than words

"Valentines for Vets" is part of the many things our community loves to do for those who’ve sacrificed so much for our way of life.

San Jacinto Valley Academy WIN!!

Congratulations to the San Jacinto Valley Academy Middle School Lady Wolves for Winning the 2020 Championship game in their division

Trump Removal Would Be Insane

It's not a fight over whether the Senate will call a couple of witnesses that the House couldn't, or didn't bother to, obtain on its own.