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Sunday, June 26, 2022

California’s reparations task force is reprising mistakes of the past

The task force has voted to distinguish between descendants of enslaved people who immigrated to California from other states, and Black people who immigrated from other countries. Its arbitrary classifications are likely to have legal, political and cultural repercussions.

School Shootings – Beyond the Hype and Spin

Every school shooting is tragic, including the recent massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Predictably, politicians and pundits are quick to politicize the issue to suit their personal agendas, while not offering any thoughtful analysis or potential solutions.

Viva La Familia!

A horrific event happened two weeks ago - a deranged 18-year-old killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school. They say hurt kids hurt people.

VA Secretary Denis McDonough statement on PACT Act

President Biden has stated we have a sacred obligation to support Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors. As part of his first State of the Union address, he identified supporting Veterans as a key pillar of his Unity Agenda and an issue that can unite the country. The Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act makes good on that promise. 

Money wars

Independent expenditure committees funded by special interest groups are spending millions of dollars to make their picks in the California primary. In some races, they are clearly supporting or opposing candidates. In others, the strategy is more complicated.

Lost: Jane Q. Public

Years ago, I worked at Disneyland. Back then, it really was a fun place to work. They weren't yet political, plus they weren't a destination for half the country's vacationers.


Once upon a time, transportation was accomplished by foot. The next step was on the backs of animals. That gave way to wheels. Wheels spawned a movement for all generations thereafter. Carts, wagons, horse and buggy, rails, tin lizzies, sophisticated motor vehicles, planes and space ships.

COVID-19, shootings: Is mass death now tolerated in America?

As the nation marked 1 million deaths from COVID-19 last week, the milestone was bookended by mass shootings that killed people simply living their lives: grocery shopping, going to church, or attending the fourth grade.

Major Uptick Reported in Cannabis Vaping for All Adolescents

Cannabis vaping is increasing as the most popular method of cannabis delivery among all adolescents in the U.S., as is the frequency of cannabis vaping, according to research at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

VA launches $20 million innovation challenge to reduce Veteran suicide

As part of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ 10-year strategy to reduce Veteran suicide, VA invites innovators across the country to participate in Mission Daybreak — a $20 million challenge designed to help VA develop new suicide prevention strategies for Veterans.