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I recall as a young child hearing my grandfather say, “Those that have nothing appreciate everything they receive, and those that have it all expect it to flow like a river forever.” It never much occurred to me then what he was talking about. Today I understand. We have become a nation of spoiled brats, overweight, self-serving nincompoops who want immediate gratification without concern for consequences.

Families not only fight others but turn against each other within their own clans. Discussion and compromise have become kill or be killed. My way or the highway. The historical Hatfields and McCoys have become political parties who would rather raise money for reelection than to do the job they were elected to office to do.

Crime has become the order of the day. Guns are the instruments of exercising power. Our streets house illegal drug traffic, sex trafficking of minors to satisfy the high and the mighty’s taste for young blood. Our sidewalks are littered with the homeless whose bedroom is the doorways of businesses.

Business people fear so much what might happen to them if they protest when shoplifters raid their shelves that they do not protest for fear of being shot and killed.

We may soon implode as did the Roman Empire and other great societies. The clock is ticking. We are sleeping past the alarm. It may already be too late, but we need to get our heads out of the dark place and start by knowing who we elect to office before voting, and more importantly, try to return to what was taught to us as children; be kind and thoughtful of others, respect your neighbors, be a giver instead of a greedy taker. It is not so difficult if you try. Once it all goes down the drain, there will be no next chance. Don’t let us fall into the trap of “if only I had paid attention.

Raymond Strait – Hemet

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