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On abortion, a softer approach to changing hearts and minds

Years ago, I visited a privately-funded facility in Marin County that counseled pregnant women about their choices and offered emotional and financial support as well as prenatal and postpartum care to those who chose life over abortion.


Before I get started, something strange is going on at City Hall. Returning from a closed session to evaluate City Manager Chris Lopez's performance, they never mentioned him but came out with "no action," while at the same time announcing that Hemet's Chief of Police, Eddie Pust would be the interim City Manager.

Letter to the Editor

I just finished reading Rusty Strait’s article, “Protector of Citizen Rights - A Flawed Institution.” Your article title is amazing considering your abortion topic. Citizen rights? Definitely not to our youngest and most vulnerable citizens! Your pro-abortion article was a rant, veiled in scare tactics and robed in untruths!


For the first time, a major Supreme Court decision draft has been leaked prior to the decision being handed down. The organization designed to protect our rights is on the verge of striking down a right that was adjudicated fifty years ago. This is not an unconfirmed leak. Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed the leak, first revealed by Politico to a shocked nation. Why?

EXPLAINER: Who’s a war criminal, and who gets to decide?

President Joe Biden on Wednesday flatly called Russia’s Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” for the unfolding onslaught in Ukraine, where hospitals and maternity wards have been bombed. But declaring someone a war criminal is not as simple as just saying the words. There are set definitions and processes for determining who’s a war criminal and how they should be punished.


“Not my problem,” has become one of the more common expressions from today’s generation, a culture in which the cell phone is often more important than what’s for dinner or breakfast or lunch.

Letter to the editor

I just finished checking out the political cartoon in the Chronicle’s “Politics” section this last week. It pictures two children with measles asking their mom to remind them why they didn’t get the measles shot. Her reply: “They’re bad for you. I read that somewhere on Facebook.”

Measuring climate change: It’s not just heat, it’s humidity

When it comes to measuring global warming, humidity, not just heat, matters in generating dangerous climate extremes, a new study finds.


I recall as a young child hearing my grandfather say, “Those that have nothing appreciate everything they receive, and those that have it all expect it to flow like a river forever.” It never much occurred to me then what he was talking about. Today I understand. We have become a nation of spoiled brats, overweight, self-serving nincompoops who want immediate gratification without concern for consequences.


With all the political turmoil these days, most of which is separating rather than uniting us, I have tried to listen and keep my mouth shut, but there are straws and there are last straws and my last straw is an opinion or two. In 2021 to date there have been 30 school shootings in the United States, 22 since August 1st, 88 since 2018. The recent case at Oxford, Michigan High School left four dead and seven hospitalized. Blame is being waved around like flags on the Fourth of July. There’s plenty to go around, but the real issue is how freely we permit gun ownership without much, if any indoctrination as to their handling and use; the United States is the number one gun manufacturer in the world. Not only do we export them and provide our own military, but we also sell them carelessly to the civilian population. The NRA goof balls continuously quote the second amendment, blah, blah, blah.