June 3 marks Global Running Day. Here are a few ways to participate this year


(Global Running Day)

• Warm up. A quick warm up of dynamic stretches can prime your body for the run and is an effective way to ward off sore or stiff muscles later.

• Practice social distancing. While running with pals is one of the best ways to get motivated, you can practice social distancing by running solo or with just a family member. Be courteous of others on your route and keep your distance.

• Cool down. While dynamic stretches are best for before the workout, afterward, practice yoga or a deep stretching routine.

• Light the way. Running at night? Wear reflective attire or other illuminating gear to make yourself visible to bikers and cars.

• Stay connected. Just because you’re socially distancing doesn’t mean you need to be unsocial. Follow the conversation at #GlobalRunningDay on social media and connect with runners around the world.

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