Landlords Have a Great New Solution For Tenants Who Stop Paying Rent


(Stop Paying Rent)

We Buy Houses In California For Cash is a real estate investment company and offers an easy solution for landlords with bad tenants.

For Landlords/Homeowners, it has become more and more difficult to collect rent. For tenants that don’t pay rent, it is just a matter of time before they are evicted. But, if there happens to be a moratorium on evictions, tenants know they have the upperhand.

Landlords can work with struggling tenants. Even corporations may struggle to pay rent on their offices. No one wants to evict if it is possible to avoid that. It is better to negotiate a middle ground, assuming the tenant is worth keeping and has a history of paying on time. Of course, a pandemic can turn the economy on its head. Although that is a worse case scenario, tenants can go through financial difficulty at any time.

But what happens if you are a landlord and you have spoken with your tenant and there is no compromise? Or, what if your agreement hinges on the tenants’ financial situation improving, and it doesn’t? Is it time to evict?

The cost of an eviction is a factor in evicting. But, add to that the cost of lost rent and the time spent going through the correct process. At some point everything becomes too much for a landlord to handle. If an eviction drags out and there is no rent collection, the cost may be too high to continue.

Luckily, there is a solution for landlords in this situation. You no longer have to let tenants live for free while you work to implement a permanent solution. Instead of owning a property that is losing money every month and paying for an eviction, you can sell your house and let the new owner deal with the tenant! Who would buy a house with a tenant that needs to go? Cash home buyers will buy houses in any situation, including ones with bad tenants! Companies like We Buy California Houses for Cash want to buy your house! They can buy it with tenants and they can close fast!

We Buy California Houses for Cash is a Real Estate Investment company that buys houses for cash. We buy houses as-is in any condition and any situation. Because we buy with cash, we can close fast. We love to buy houses with tenants and we have a great program to make sure tenants are properly removed, humanely.

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