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I just finished reading a piece in the “Editorial & Opinion” page of The Chronicle – read through it twice actually – and just can’t help but comment. I realize by giving my opinion on this hot topic many will disagree with me, but hey, this is America! Free speech should be our password!

I am so tired of the media and others telling me to wear a mask and now I read where it should be a matter of self-discipline and that “choosing” to wear a mask is the right thing to do. I’m not choosing at all – I’m being forced to wear one if I want to enter most stores these days! I am so done with this! Now, before you think I’m a dangerous person, let me ask you one very easy question: When does all this ever end?

First it was lockdown for three weeks, then another three weeks, then came months and now it’s been almost a year! A friend of mine who has been forced to work through Zoom, was told last week he will have to continue working in the same manner for another eight months! Eight months?! Really? As long as we’re planning ahead, why not just go for another year or two?!

I had the China Virus in December – I have antibodies but somehow I’m still a threat to society? “They” say if you can’t social distance wear a mask, but then they tell us wear a mask anyway? Then there’s the “herd immunity” concept; over 26 million of us have had this virus. So what constitutes a “herd” and when does that kick in? Ever? Never??

So wear a mask, social distance, get the vaccine, be part of the herd and stay at home – it’s like I’m living in a never ending version of The Twilight Zone!

The writer of the piece I read mentions that “scientific advice” and what they have “heard through the media” are directing their actions. I would highly recommend that people check out doctors of medicine before listening to media and scientists for information about this virus. There are several informative videos out there including one online (if it hasn’t been taken it down) by Dr. Lee Merrit which explains vaccines and this virus in particular. I’m not saying she is right or wrong – just advising people to get all the information possible from true credible sources!

Susan Beckett

Hemet, CA

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