Meditation and why you should try it

but as you can see, meditation demands practice. If you’re willing to try it, you’ll make a great change in your life.

Meditation is a training technique for the mind and heart that takes you to mental and emotional freedom. It helps to connect your mind and body, learn to relax, and to increase your consciousness of your surroundings.  It can even help to improve your sleep. Meditation can also be the moment when you stop to rethink and analyze. But the meditation we are talking about is a contemplation of your mind, soul and body, and how you can be at peace with these.

This is an old practice believed to have started in India several thousand years BC and then was adopted by China and Japan. The oldest archives found on the subject are from 1500 BC, but some historians believe that it could have started long before that.

Why you should try it

Meditation can be really helpful to those who live in constant stress because it gives you more clarity of what you are and want, connects our inner self with everything on the outside. When you start meditating, your body feels more relaxed, your mind clearer, and your spirit peaceful. It helps us to concentrate on what we do, and stops distracting us from our objectives.

This is also a good technique for people who can’t sleep well every night, because when you start focusing on the things you want and need, you stop caring about the superfluous things. And it’s not a secret that the mind is a powerful thing, and meditation helps to control your own consciousness, and when that happens, you are in control of your body. You can say goodbye to anxiety and stress; a study developed in 2017 at Georgetown University, scientists found that meditation helped to reduce inflammation of stress hormones. So now it’s your turn to keep calm and meditate.

3 Types of meditation

Buddhist Meditation. Is the practice Buddhists created oriented towards nature, and basically what you have to do is to find a quiet place in the wilderness to sit or lie down.

Vipssana Meditation.  One of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation with a focus on seeing your surroundings and how things really are.  It is one of the longest meditations with the goal of practicing to get and give love.

Zazen Meditation. Also known as Zen, is based on silence. You can do this meditation anywhere you are, but it has to be in a quiet room, with almost no furniture nor objects, because all the energy must be for you. The other requirement for this practice is to calm your breathing.

There are many more types of meditation that you can Google, but as you can see, meditation demands practice. If you’re willing to try it, you’ll make a great change in your life.


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