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(Our Readers Respond)

In last week’s Question to the Community we asked: “Are you miserable because you live in Hemet? Is Hemet really that of a miserable place to live?” Here are some of the responses from the community;

S. Ryan– “I LOVE HEMET!”

M. Romero– “People are miserable because they want to be. It’s what you make of what you have. Doesn’t matter where you live.”

M. Rivas– “I live in San Jacinto so some might say it’s not the same but I spend a great deal shopping, visiting and eating out in Hemet.

I have grown to love this place and I can’t see myself willingly leaving it any time soon.”

S. Mull– “I believe it could be a great city. That being said the overwhelming homeless and crackheads make it miserable. You can’t go shopping anywhere without them demanding money. Also the crime is high because of it. I heard 1 big issue is a bus ride from prisons last stop is Hemet. If they could get that all under control the city would be a great place to live.”

A.Munshower– “California is miserable at the moment. Hemet city ordinances just make it that much more of a struggle. That being said, it could be much worse. It’s also very difficult to leave California because saving up money if you aren’t in a decent position in California is a struggle… a lot of people feel trapped here and want out but are afraid of the risk of moving with little to no money…”

E. Mendivil– “Born and raised here and I still love this place forever.”

K. Klinesmith– “I was born in hemet hospital and raised here I’m 37 now and still love that you can drive 1 hour in any direction and be to the beach mountain desert but it has changed big time over the years but it’s not the town it some of the people there is still good and hopefully will be great again one day but I won’t let my town make me miserable I have a beautiful family and life itself is a beautiful thing be grateful peeps but I am moving because I can afford a better life elsewhere California is expensive.”

A.Palacios– “I’ll be honest. Hopefully, others can relate to what I’m about to say. Hemet and San Jacinto aren’t miserable places to live. It’s the people ruining our communities by breaking into our cars starting fights, the aggressive panhandlers, and over all the people who always seem to hate it here but never seem to leave. I’ve grown up here since the age of 14 when our family moved out here from Long Beach, CA. I’m proud of saying I’m from Hemet no place is perfect, take for example Hemet, lol but we live here a lot of us have our families here, we went to High School here, our kids are doing their schooling here, let’s all work together and make these cities better for ourselves and our future generations, it’s easier said than done but I still hold on to hope that these cities will prosper in the near future.”

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