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For the first time, a major Supreme Court decision draft has been leaked prior to the decision being handed down. The organization designed to protect our rights is on the verge of striking down a right that was adjudicated fifty years ago. This is not an unconfirmed leak. Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed the leak, first revealed by Politico to a shocked nation. Why?

The Bible-thumping right has managed to politicize the court by lies and deceit thoroughly. Former President Donald Trump made it plain that he would appoint justices, if the opportunity came, that would reverse Roe vs. Wade, a decision that gave women the right to abortion and control of their own bodies. A right to privacy.

Trump’s three appointees swore under oath at their confirmation hearings before the United States Senate that Roe vs. Wade is the law of the land and that they would uphold the law of the land. Those affirmations were blatant lies. So what, you may say. Here is what, and I do not care whether you agree with me or not. I am not out to be popular but to point out lies and other misdeeds by those in powerful positions.

Turning over Roe vs. Wade will not eradicate abortion. The wealthy will always be able to finance their abortions. Who suffers most from this travesty? The poor, poorly educated and other minorities will return to back alleys and wire coat-hangers as they did prior to Roe vs. Wade. That’s who. Women will be maimed for life, unable to bear a child due to those procedures procedure or die in the process. Facts are facts. Check the history prior to Roe vs. Wade.

What’s next? The pill to prevent pregnancy? Contraception? Same-sex, marriage, gay rights? Suffrage? The return of slavery? Don’t be fooled. The religious right would have us all dressed in black shrouds to obscure our identities and women once again would be controlled totally by men. I well remember the time when my mother and grandmother couldn’t open a bank account without permission from their husbands. I didn’t just read about this. I’m 98 years old. I grew up in the Southern Bible Belt and became an adult during the enslavement of women to their masterful husbands. Is that what we want? Do we want to lose what citizens fought hard at the ballot box to overcome’ I think not.

If there is any kind of bright side to this, it is that the struggling democratic party now has an issue that will resonate with millions of voters (both democrat and republican) because it affects them, not just as women of child-bearing age, but as families. Families being forced to have babies they can’t afford to care for or accommodate financially. Until it hits you personally, it seems like somebody else’s problem.

If this is allowed to stand, then eventually, Vladimir Putin or his ilk, will bring down the American Republic without lifting a finger. The Soviet Union imploded from within. Are we destined to be their copycat? Wake up America before our freedoms are discussed as something that “used to be.” Just sayin’

Raymond Strait – Hemet, California

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