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Ramona Bowl Announces 2020 Cast


(Ramona Bowl)

Gala at Golden Era announces cast, and some welcomed additions and improvements to beloved Ramona Bowl

In a ceremony which has become one of the most highly-anticipated events of the season, the board of the Ramona Bowl announced Friday night, the cast for the upcoming historic outdoor play “Ramona” for 2020. While there are some perennial favorites returning once again to play their parts, there are some wonderful newcomers. The well-known Cherland family acting “dynasty” here in Hemet is well-represented in the newcomers group with High School teacher Bret, Grade-School teacher Laura and their daughter Julianne starring in the production along with the wonderful Debradawn Shockey, also a newcomer.

The gala evening was capped-off with announcement of the entire cast (below). Toward the end of the evening came a very welcomed announcement that the estate of the late Latham couple (no known relation to the street name here in Hemet) has chosen the Ramona Bowl for a massive donation which will be used in part to recondition and refurbish a world-class fresco created by the celebrated “California Scene” artist Milford Zornes.

Zornes’ work hangs in galleries all across the country and the well-known artist actually had his work hanging in the Franklin Roosevelt White House as he was a favorite of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  The Milford Zornes fresco at the Ramona Bowl is considered a National Treasure to experts in the world of art.

The funds from the donations will also be used to create a new gift shop, renovation of the courtyard, and a new parking lot handicapped repavement which is sorely needed.  Many more exciting projects are proposed after the run of this year’s Ramona play. and in the coming weeks, the HSJ Chronicle will bring you exclusive articles on these new and ground-breaking renovations to one of our valley’s most treasured venues, The Ramona Bowl.


Narrator Monica Reichl*

Ramona Kayla Contreras

Alessandro Eli Santana

Juan Daniel Martinez

Senora Kathi Anderson

Felipe Bret Cherland*

Marda Debradawn Shockey*

Padre Salvedierra Robert Leibovich

Margarita Jesse Bouchard*

Luigo Matthew Clark*

Dolores Julianne Cherland*

Padre Gaspara Randy Dawkins

Ysidro Rafael Ojeda

Aunt Ri Laura Cherland*

Mara Teresa Seaton

Joe Ray Henderson*

Jefferson Hyer Jim Bouchard

Jim Farrar Dan Ferguson

Kit Carson/Jake Mike Thomas

Captain Merrill Eric Cervantes

Curly Steve Silkotch, Jr.

Hayton ~

Jose Jesse Nechochea

Yank Greg Bruce

Captain Hernandez Sal Baneulos

Lt. Sandoval David Sandoval

Cowboy Mark Smith

Cowboy Cy Ringel

Cowboy ~

Fiesta Soloist Linda Greilich

*New for 2020 ~Still to be cast

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