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To Save America, Ten (or Eleven) Point Plans Aren’t Enough

In 1994, Newt Gingrich put out a ten-point plan called The Contract with America. It was a primary feature of that year’s mid-term Republican wave. Every part of that plan was implemented. And today it’s a dead letter. We have hard-Leftists controlling all three branches of the federal government, and active programs to destroy the America we grew up in everywhere.

The War in Ukraine is in America’s Vital Interest

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the reaction, or lack thereof, by the feckless and incoherent Biden Administration has spawned a fissure within conservative circles. Some on the right are beating the war drums for increased intervention beyond supplying Ukraine with advanced weaponry while others cower paralyzed with fear that any step to substantially help the Ukrainians defeat Putin and the Russians will precipitate World War III.

Statement from CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure on President Biden’s State of...

“During President Biden’s first year in office, CMS has worked to expand health care coverage to a record 14.5 million people through the Health Insurance Marketplaces, encouraged states to extend Medicaid coverage for a full 12 months after childbirth, and expanded access to home and community-based services for seniors and people with disabilities. Last night, the President laid out several ways that we continue this momentum and build a better America.

It’s Time for America to Leave NATO and for Europe to...

Since 1916 and the First World War, United States foreign policy has been dominated by Eurocentrism. Following the Second World War, America has been the military protector of Western Europe for 73 years through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO.

Making America’s New “Hybrid” Home Energy-Efficient Year Round

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the face of America's workplace. In fact, an increasing number of folks might find their "new office" feels a lot like home -- because it is literally their home.

Here’s how California can help fix America’s broken supply chain

The global supply chain crisis is daunting. Congestion and bottlenecks across the West Coast have left large cargo vessels stranded at anchor for weeks on end. Across the country, our supply chain has faced major disruptions, driving up costs for consumers and inevitably causing major delays on delivery of essential goods.

America’s fierce fight over drug prices takes center stage in Congress

The forever war between America’s pharmaceutical industry and America’s public interest is approaching a climactic moment. At stake is whether Big Pharma and its allies will keep drug prices zooming upward, or whether the federal government can slow that rise by negotiating prices for some expensive drugs taken by Medicare beneficiaries. The U.S. House of Representatives is poised to vote on legislation requiring such negotiations in the next few days as a crucial element of the $3.5 trillion budget plan, and the drug industry is in overdrive to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Insanity of Our Politicians

One thing that I had always admired about America was its sense of right and wrong. That’s what made us culturally superior. We were the good guys, who always had the high principles, always favored following one’s conscience, and always took the right actions. We always fought the just wars, even if we ended up losing one or two, and we always stood for the rights of the downtrodden. A superpower with moral high ground, that’s what defined America, as I have said before. We were willing to go to any length to see that justice was carried out.
Orien Earl Haguewood, Hero

America The…Beautiful?!

All my life, I’ve heard the phrase: “America the Beautiful.” America has wonderful landscapes, beautiful and majestic mountains, and amazing and diverse metropolitan areas. As the famous poem goes, “From sea to shining sea,” America embodies the true definition of beauty. It has been the number one answer on the Family Feud game show, when they asked 100 people which country is the most beautiful. The answer was a resounding yes to the USA. By the way, the number one answer for the most beautiful people was California. Go figure!

Teaching Students About Racism in America

White historians once taught that Reconstruction and equal legal rights and voting rights for Black people corrupted democracy. Textbooks ignored the Tulsa race massacre and others like it. Few historians write like that anymore. We include all sides of the American story and examine racism and injustice as evolving systems of power as well as manifestations of individual prejudice.